External walls

Added to an existing facade

On renovation sites, for which the existing shell is being preserved, Ecologgia offers external wall solutions to cover them. In this way, we can improve the thermal insulation of the building without doing anything to the interiors and while changing the external appearance.

Curtain walls

Mixed construction

Ecologgia works on any project that combines the different materials (wood/concrete, wood/steel, wood/glass) to get the best from each of them and offers solutions that can be incorporated within the concrete cycle. In the latter configuration, the panels are used as a "formwork base" for constructing buildings floor by floor without the need for scaffolding.
By optimising the lifting equipment, time savings can be achieved.

The solutions we offer range from the simplest (bare boards) to the most sophisticated (fully finished panels) depending on the nature of the facing and the specific requirements of the worksite.

We have developed specific methodologies to ensure a speedy installation, buildings that are perfectly sealed and energy performance.

All-wood construction

Ecologgia is involved in studying and defining the structure of your building using a design/build approach with the project management team (walls, floors, framing, roofing, etc.)

We integrate the different components retained by selecting the best technologies on the market with the ability to manufacture and deliver the various components (wood frame, frame, CLT, Panobloc CLTI, etc.) by means of our Techniwood group.

In accordance with your expectations, we propose to install/assemble the wall components, floors, frame, roof, etc. from building the shell and core to the completion of entirely finished projects.