Design and

From the upstream phase of your project onwards, Ecologgia will help you to ensure optimum design definition for your project and Ecological, Energy and Economic performance levels. Our teams will be involved in design and build and preliminary design stages to guide you through relevant design solutions. You will benefit from the skill of our design office, our project design teams and our industrial expertise in various technologies (framework, structures, CLT, CLTi Panobloc, etc.).

Supply of

Thanks to Techniwood, we can supply pre-industrialised walls, floors and roofs (framework, structures, CLT, CLTi Panobloc, etc.) directly manufactured on our industrial production sites with high quality and performance levels (incorporation of joinery, cladding, etc.). You will benefit from our entire product range and we can assist your partner (general contractor, fitter, etc.) with the transfer of skills, if required.

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Supply and installation
timber frame/structure

In addition to supplying Techniwood components (framework, structures, CLT, CLTi Panobloc, etc.) and/or other industrial components, Ecologgia provides a global “supply and installation” service throughout mainland France, the Benelux countries and Switzerland to construct the closed, covered solution of your choice whether in wood or a combination of concrete/steel/glass/wood. We can guarantee sustainable performance.

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A comprehensive solution
on a general contracting basis

Ecologgia offers a comprehensive general contracting service, from foundations through to finishes.

The advantage? You have only one point of contact to generate your design in an all wood or combined wood/concrete/steel/glass configuration depending on the desired Ecological, Energy and Economic performance required.

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